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Who are Daisy Accountants?

Hi, my name is Darryl Wong, Certified Practicing Accountants (Australia) or CPA (Aust.) in short. I am an accountant by training, and had some experience as a management accountant, but mostly as an auditor for about 4 years at a mid-tier firm in Singapore. I have dabbled as an eBay, carousell retailer, fashion retail blogshop owner, trainer for Chromebook at Google, Ethereum trader, Raspberry Pi 3 owner etc. I know I have a passion for technology, but somehow is in a profession that is not, and I am hoping that in starting Daisy, the two can be bridged. This is still young, and we will see how it goes.

Daisy Accountants is a network of accountants, corporate secretaries, tax agents, and other professional consultants. We aim to be a one stop solution for all your corporate needs. A network of interconnected professionals will have vast capabilities that each individual professional cannot singly achieve.

Joining in the hype for the sharing economy, Daisy hopes to be the Uber of the professional services. Whilst Uber aim to provide affordable decent transportation on-demand utilising your idle time and car, Daisy aims to provide affordable professional services by tapping on to our network's idle time and professional know-how.

If you support what we do here at Daisy, or need a professional, but do not want the frills that come with hiring one, share this article or contact Darryl Wong at .

If you are keen to find out more on how join Daisy, contact Darryl Wong at too.


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