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Services we provide

At Daisy, our network of professionals is constantly expanding, hence our list of competencies grows with their strength, as well as our client's need. Here is our list of competencies:

  1. Accounting Services

  2. Compilation Financial Statements and Reports Services

  3. Monthly Bookkeeping Services

  1. Human Resource Services

  2. Setup of Payroll Software

  3. Monthly Payroll

  4. CPF Account Application

  5. CPF submission (monthly)

  6. Preparation Of IR8A

  1. Taxation Services

  2. Annual Tax Return Filing

  3. GST Application

  4. Submission of GST Return

  1. Corporate Secretarial Services

  2. Incorporation Services

  3. Ongoing Corporate Secretarial Services

  1. Auditing Service

  2. Singapore Statutory Audit (Active Company)

  3. Singapore Statutory Audit (Dormant Company)

  4. Audit report for Gross Turnover (GTO)

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