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We are InvoiceNow ready!

IMDA Pre-approved Peppol-Ready Solution Provider

InvoiceNow is a nationwide
E-invoicing initiative by IMDA
for SMEs and large enterprises
to streamline their invoicing for a
faster and more sustainable way to
transact, nationwide and worldwide.

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Daisy Accountants

Live your life ahead, leave your work to us

Affordable Singapore Accounting Services

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Stay ahead through IT solution

Carefully Curated IT Solutions

At DAISY, we believe that accounting is here to stay, but the way we do accounting will become highly automated and increasingly reliable.

We are constantly on the lookout for better IT solutions to help businesses. Our accounting services comes with whole suite of IT solutions.

We insist all our clients adopt all relevant solutions, because why not?

Find out more about our IT partners
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Not too late to switch

Covid-19 Promotion

Outsourcing your accountant has never been more crucial.

In times like this, business owners need up-to-date financial performance, so they can better navigate through these rough times with precision, while minimising damages. 

To make this possible, we help you to better understand all the aids and tools made available to the business owners, so to set your mind at ease during the tough periods.

Outsourced accountants are far more affordable compared to in-house ones and provide better value for small medium businesses. 

Our existing clients are already thankful that they made the switch early. Switch to our reliable outsource accounting partner today, and save your business tomorrow!

What we do

The Accountants You Can Trust

Daisy Accountants is a network of accountants, corporate secretaries, tax agents, and other professional consultants. We aim to be a one stop solution for all your corporate needs. A network of interconnected professionals will have vast capabilities that each individual professional cannot singly achieve.

Joining in the hype for the sharing economy, Daisy aims to provide affordable professional services by tapping on to our network's idle time and professional know-how.

We are ready to tackle any financial challenges that you may have as your financial advisor, with our team specialising in a variety of business services. We understand how busy you are, we will take care any of your business financial needs effectively, leaving you to worry less and live more.

Our services


Human Resource

Setup of Payroll Software

Monthly Payroll

CPF Account Application

CPF submission (monthly)

Preparation of IR8A

Finally the month is ending and sudden recall of running payroll for the Company? Leave this trouble to us.

We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments with the Employment Act and Ministry of Manpower so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the complexities. We make use of cloud payroll to make payroll a breeze and actually useful for your business.

Starting from S$45, you can leave the time-consuming and sometimes complicated calculation to us so that you can focus on more important things. 



Annual Tax Return Filing

GST Application

Submission of GST Return

Company Financial year end is coming and you need to prepare and file for the Annual Tax Return.

Make sure you pay only the tax you are required to, and take advantage of the many tax benefits that are available to Singapore companies. Our advisors are adequately equipped to help you.

Contact us to get free consultation on any GST related issues you are facing.


Other Advisory Services

We provide customised services to help with all sorts of financial related matters. With years of experiences in providing business support services, we are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle your business issues. Contact us today and see how we can help you.


Monthly Bookkeeping 

Financial Statements Compilation

Starting at as low as S$130, Daisy Accountants provides a range of accounting services, from monthly bookkeeping service to compilation of unaudited financial statements at an affordable price. We use cloud accounting software for all our clients, so that you can have visibility of the financials at all time without extra cost. 

As the Xero partner, we can customise your accounts with any special arrangements you wish to have in the Xero software. Talk to us and we can plan and arrange it for you in your customised way. 



Singapore Statutory Audit 

Preparation for audit

Your Company needs to be audited for a license application or due to any requirements?

 We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments so you don’t waste time and energy trying to make sense out of all the accounting complexities.

Preparing for an audit can be daunting, we take the hassle away by preparing your financials for audit, so the process can be painless.


Corporate Secretarial

Incorporation Services

Ongoing Corporate Secretarial Services

Nominee Director Services

Preparation of Full XBRL for Annual Filling

Application for work passes

You can be a start-up, an entrepreneur  anytime or expand your business by having more companies.

Our advisors do not only incorporate your company with the name (subject to availability) and on the date you want, we also ensure that your company complies with legal requirements. With many years of experience, our experts have the knowledge and expertise to handle any situation.

Contact us to get FREE advice on the name availability on ACRA you want for your Company. 


The Daisy Accountants

We Work For Your Success


Darryl Wong, CPA (Aust.)


Darryl Wong, CPA (Aust.) is a start-up owner, aiming to help SMEs to gain access to quality affordable professional services, such as accountancy, taxation, corporate secretarial and other consultancy services, whilst liberating fellow accountants and professionals from their corporate overlords. 
As a former auditor in a mid-tier firm and an accountant in an MNC, Darryl knows how hard professionals work and aims to make remuneration equitable again. Speak with him to find out more about what led him here.


Kate Yap, CPA (Aust.)



Kate Yap, CPA (Aust.) has been the backbone of Daisy Accountants from the very beginning, making sure we’re as organized and effective as possible in managing our clients accounting needs. Formerly an auditor and outsourced accountant with a mid-tier accounting firm, her experiences will prove valuable for SMEs.

Kate specialises in outsourced accounting. You can count on Kate to be with you every step of the way.


Our Partners

World Class Partnerships

Daisy Accountants work with the best  partners to bring solutions to businesses.


Silver Champion

We're proud to be a Xero champion.


We specialise in helping businesses migrate into the cloud using the Xero Accounting software. Clients are happier with Xero, with cost savings and better workflow.



An Enabling Partner

A payroll software that simplify all HR work. No matter your industry, Zealys provides a cloud-based, efficient HR solution specially designed for small or medium-sized enterprises.


Simply easier. Simply smarter. We bring you a new and effortless solution to your HR tasks!


An Enabling Partner

We specialise in Human Resources services such as Payroll and Leave management.

Working closely with HReasily, we can provide reliable, efficient and affordable to our clients. Clients are happier with HReasily and can better focus on their core business.

Hreasily Logo.png

Need help or more information?

Working hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

(except Public Holidays).

+65 81025863

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With their prior audit experiences, the Daisy accountants did a great job in strategically maximised our Directors' interest when dealing with our business buyer's auditors. Not only cost-savings, their sophisticated skill sets have impressed me.

Raymond Yap, Director

I can now see my company's profitability clearly with their timely bookkeeping efforts. Our company's profit has improved drastically after engaging their professional yet at low cost outsourced accounting service.

John Chen, Director

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